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Putting your home on the market is an emotionally and financially draining time, to say the least. We want to make good decisions, get the right price, and do so without any major hiccups along the way. That’s where the right realtor comes into the mix. But, who is the right realtor? How do we identify the right realtor? Well, there’s a number of questions you can ask prospective agents to sift through the incompetent and the insincere ‘realtors’ to find the right one who will stand by you, not against you.

What is your experience/expertise?

Although, granted, experience alone doesn’t automatically guarantee skill, it can be a heavy indicator. The vast majority of agents with years of experience (not months), good reviews, and a decent education will likely have the skills to make selling your home as seamless as possible. Find out if he or she sells houses full time or part time. How many homes did they sell last year? How many people do they represent? Ask thorough and meticulous questions to truly get an idea of who you’re working with (or potentially working with).

Are you a part of a member organization?

Ensure you select a certified agent who is able to provide proof of credentials. Asking prospective realtors if they are members of an organization like the National Association of Realtors will give you the confidence you need in order to move forward. Additionally, if the agent in question is indeed part of the aforementioned organization or something of the like, that means they have previously agreed to abide by said organization’s rules and regulations.

What is your marketing strategy and specific plan to sell my home?

Both online and offline marketing tactics are of incredible significance in reaching the right buyer. Delve into your prospective agent’s specific strategy: how many pictures are they going to post online? Will they be taken by a professional photographer? Will there be a video? Should you stage your home for the photos? There are so many components of marketing, and in order to ensure you are putting your best forward and getting the best price possible, you need to go over these details with a fine comb, plain and simple.

Can you provide at least three references from satisfied past clients?

This is potentially one of the most important questions you can ask. If the realtor can provide these, then they will be happy to do so. A satisfied customer is the single best sign of a realtor who knows what they’re doing. It means they saw the process through the end, and even after business was completed, they maintained their professional relationship. A happy client means a competent realtor.

Selling your home is confusing enough. Don’t complicate things by adding an inexperienced agent to the mix. Ask the above questions to know who you’re dealing with and to make selling your house as easy as possible.