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If you don’t plan and prepare accordingly then selling your home can become more difficult than it has to be. Below is a list of tips that will help you avoid headaches and sell your home quicker. Keep reading to learn more.

The Price Is Right

Once you know the value of your home you should consider lowering your asking price by 15 to 20 percent of the value. You are likely to receive numerous bids over the price that you ask. While this is one of the best strategies to sell your home, most sellers avoid it because they think it’s too risky. If you are determined to sell your home as quickly as possible, though, it’s definitely a strategy you should consider.

Empty Your Closets

Every buyer is looking for a house with ample storage space. You can give them what they want by eliminating clutter in your closets. Put what you don’t need in storage and organize everything else. Most buyers will explore your closets, so it’s imperative that you keep them tidy.

Let There Be Light

The amount of light in your home can be the tipping point for some buyers. One thing is certain, though, if your home doesn’t have good light you will find it more difficult to sell. If you have heavy drapes hanging up, take them down. Clean every window. Make sure the light bulbs you use are high wattage and clean or buy new lampshades. You should do everything in your power to make your home bright and inviting.

Find The Right Real Estate Agent

Take your time when searching for a real estate agent. If you don’t jive with your real estate agent, then the selling process will cause more headaches than it should. In today’s market, it’s important that you find a real estate agent who is comfortable with technology. A real estate agent who uses technology has more tools at his or her disposal to get your home sold.

Hide The Dog And Cat

Animal lovers should keep in mind that some buyers don’t share their love. The truth is that some buyers will think your house is unclean if they see a food bowl or smell the cat’s litter box. When you have an open house send your pets to a friend’s house or a pet hotel. Clean up any sign that pets live in your home (pet toys, pet hair, etc.), and you won’t turn off potential buyers who don’t like four-legged friends.

More Tips

The real estate agent that you hire will have a lot more tips that you can use to sell your home. In the meantime here is a Reader’s Digest article with more home-selling tips.