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Jack Richter

Real Estate Investor

Jack Richter is the President, Owner, and Principal of Real Equities in Skokie, Illinois. An independent real estate investor, Jack has over thirty years of experience and is active in all aspects of the industry, including buying, selling, managing, renting, and rehabbing homes.

Jack Richter was born in Poland and moved to the United States with his family when he was just three years old. The family entered through New Orleans and traveled to Chicago, and Jack has lived in Illinois ever since.

As a student Jack studied physics, mathematics, business, and law. After earning a Master’s Degree in Physics and a Doctor of Law degree (J.D.), Jack decided to follow his entrepreneurial spirit and become his own boss. Utilizing the diverse skill set he’d cultivated across a number of specialties, Jack began investing in real estate. He started out by buying about twelve condominiums from a local bank. He continued to acquire other pieces over the years, buying and holding residential properties.

What stood out to Jack about the real estate industry is that the long-term trend is always up. Generally, if a professional acquires property and can successfully hold it by properly financing, rehabbing, managing and maintaining it, the value will increase. Because Jack was well-versed in matters of business administration and finance, he knew that he could find success in the industry. His ability to spot potential in homes throughout the Chicago Metro area, combined with his acumen in both long-term and short-term investment strategies, made him uniquely equipped to take on the industry.

In 2001 Jack Richter created Real Equities, a company through which he acquires properties. Real Equities quickly began to grow, and now it has about $10 million in assets. Prior to founding this company Jack primarily purchased properties, including apartment buildings and houses, and held them. (He still has all of the properties he purchased over those years.) Now, through Real Equities, Jack has branched out into rent and hold real estate investment, as well as flipping houses.

Jack is well-known for his real estate investments in Chicago and beyond. He only works in residential real estate, and he invests in apartment buildings, houses, and condominiums all over the Chicago Metro area of Illinois, as well as parts of the North Side and South Side. Jack mainly invests in single-family residences all over the state and owns several apartment buildings in East Rogers Park as well.

Due to Jack’s keen business acumen, he has made a name for himself as one of the most distinguished real estate professionals in the  Greater Chicago area. His dedication to excellence, unparalleled communicative abilities, and refined insight into the industry have been responsible for his professional rise. By always meeting and routinely exceeding client expectations, Jack Richter has rightfully captured a place at the forefront his industry.

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